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Christina Stengel

1.Tell us a funny story about a date night out with your husband.
As a mom of a micro-preemie I have seen and experienced things that I would never wish on anyone. As a March of Dimes Mission Mom to help other preemie families and provide support for the medical facilities that help take care of our tiny miracles.

2.What are the (2) most important things in your kitchen and why?
I am a Specialty Cake Designer. One of my passions in life is being creative. So I use that talent to create wedding and specialty cakes. Maybe one day I will be the next celebrity cake designer.

3.What do people assume about you that isn’t true?
By feeding my soul, challenging my mind, and respecting my body. I feed my soul by surrounding myself with positive and inspiring individuals. I am always challenging my mind by learning new things and I hold my body to high regards and honor it by staying healthy.

4.Tell us a time you demonstrated leadership skills.
A strong family creates a safe, positive, and supportive environment. Family values are the foundation for how children grow and families thrive.

5.If you had no fear, what would you try?
I am addicted to reality television especially if it has anything to do with fashion, beauty, and cakes. I am sure that I am living vicariously through them.

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